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No-Contact Print/Copy/Fax Service

How it Works:

  • Give us a call at 989-674-2651 to get started
  • Services available 11-5 Monday-Thursday and 11-1 Saturday



  • If possible, we will ask you to email the document (or a link to the document) you need printed, copied, or fax to the library’s email address ( Please include a description of what you need done, your name, and your phone number. 


  • When it is ready, we will put the documents in a small plastic tote labeled “Printing/Copy/Fax Service”. We will call to let you know it’s done and tell you the cost


  • Come to the library, put exact change in the tote, and take you documents


Copies and Faxes

  • Option 1: Same as for printing described above. Send us a digital version and we’ll copy/fax it.


  • Option 2: If a digital document isn’t possible, call first and we will have you put your original document in the plastic “Printing/Copy/Fax Service” tote along with your payment. Attach a note with your name, phone number, and a description of what you need. 


  • When we are done with your copies/fax, we will place them back outside in the tote and call to let you know they are ready.


Fee Schedule

  • Black and White Copy/Print: $0.25/page
  • Color Copy/Print: $0.50/page
  • Fax: $0.50/page
  • Lamination (full-sheet): $1.00/page
  • Lamination (ID Card): $0.50/card