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Early Literacy Resources

Want to help a special child in your life get ready to read?  Check out our new Early Literacy Area!

Our Early Literacy Area is set up to support the "Every Child Ready to Read" program, which suggests the following 5 simple things you can do with your child to help him or her be ready for school.


The best way to improve your child's vocabulary is to talk to her!  Conversations with your child build language skills and help him learn about the world.   

Tip:   Try to extend conversations with your child by introducing new words and asking questions.  For instance, if your child says, "Yummy!", you might say, "Apples are yummy.  They're delicious!  What else do you like to eat?" 


Explore our collection of fun CDs for children and our singing nursery rhyme books

Tip: You don't have to be Aretha Franklin to sing with your kids - singing is great for language development, even if it's a little off-key.


We have cloth books for infants, board books for older babies and toddlers, picture books for older children, and interactive electronic books for kids of all ages - we would love to show you some of our favorites!

Tip: Ask your child questions about the story as you read, ask them to predict what might happen next, and have him retell the story after you read.


Try out our writing toys that teach and reinforce letter formation skills in a way that just seems like play.

Tip:  Give your child plenty of time to scribble and draw - it builds the coordination necessary to write later on. 


Bring your child to Story Time to play with other children (Tuesday mornings at 11:30) or just stop in and join your child on the rug with a pile of blocks and dinosaurs.

Tip:  Encourage your child's imagination with unstructured playtime where she can create and act out stories of her own.

Our Early Literacy Area was funded by a generous grant from the Tuscola County Community Foundation (Andrews Fund).