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Kindle User Agreement

Columbia Township Library

Kindle User Agreement

Due to high replacement cost of the Kindle, there are several special procedures for borrowing. Please be aware that the replacement cost of the item is $100 and that while it is checked out to you, you are responsible for its care and safety and responsible for any damage, loss, or theft of the Kindle. Do not leave it unattended; keep it in a safe place.

In order to borrow the Kindle, you must meet the following guidelines:

  •  Be at least 18 years old.
  •  Have an established library card (no new members please).
  •  Be in good standing with the library (no outstanding fines or overdue books).
  •  Have verified valid address and phone numbers.
  •  Have your driver’s license/ID number recorded.

Your signature indicates your agreement to the following:

  •  I accept full responsibility for the Kindle while it is checked out to me.
  •  I will not alter any settings or remove/add any items from the Kindle.
  • There will be no renewals and no grace period.
  •  I will return the Kindle in person to a library staff member at the circulation deskat least 30 minutes before closing (to allow time for check-in).
  • I will pay a late fee of $5/day if I do not return the Kindle by the due date – 2 weeks from today.
  • I accept full financial responsibility for the Kindle and agree to pay all costs associated with damage to or loss of the Kindle and/or the Kindle accessories while checked out to me. (Replacement costs: $100 Kindle; $35 Cover/Case.)
  • I understand the library may use any appropriate means to collect the amount owed by me for fees, damages, or loss.
  • If I encounter any problem with the Kindle, I will return the Kindle to the library immediately.

Do NOT return Kindle in book drop. If a Kindle is found returned in the book drop, the user will be charged a $25 fine plus any damages.

The Kindle, case, and FAQs sheet must be present upon return for the library to consider the item checked in.


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