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Patron Conduct Policy

Columbia Township Library
Patron Conduct Policy

Adopted: April 25, 2016 / Updated April 20, 2021

I. Purpose
The purposes of the Library’s rules for the conduct for library users are:

  • To protect the rights of individuals who are in the Library to use library materials and/or services.

  • To protect the rights of staff members to conduct library business without interference.

  • To preserve library materials and facilities.

II. Scope
This Patron Conduct Policy shall apply to all persons entering in or on the Library premises, interior and exterior.

III. Prohibited Conduct
According to the Michigan statute (MCL 397.206), the Library Board may exclude from the use of the Library any and all persons who shall willfully violate such reasonable rules and regulations as the Board may adopt. Such exclusion from this Library shall occur on the orders of the Director or his/her designees. In serious cases parents or police will be contacted. In this document, “withholding of library privileges” is defined as meaning that an individual may not enter or use the Library.

A. Illegal Conduct
The violation of any federal or state statute or local ordinance on library premises will also be regarded as a violation of library rules. The laws and ordinances that follow are cited by way of illustration and not limitation. These are regarded as major infractions necessitating immediate removal from the building and possible police action:

  • assault
  • intoxication
  • fighting
  • patron in building after hours without permission
  • larceny
  • knowing destruction, damage, defacement or removal of property
  • disturbance of the peace by loud, aggressive behavior
  • indecent/obscene conduct or exposure
  • illicit use, sale, possession, or distribution of illegal or controlled substances
  • harassment of patrons or staff

B. Additional Prohibited Behavior

  1. Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises.  (Out for the day.)
  2. Smoking and vaping are prohibited in the Library and on the patio. (One warning, then out for the day.)
  3.  Foul or abusive language is not permitted. (One warning, then out for the day.)
  4.  Audio equipment is allowed only with earphones. (Two warnings, then out for the day.)
  5.  Boisterous behavior, running, or roughhousing is not permitted. (Two warnings, then out for the day.)
  6.  Animals are not permitted in the Library, except for those assisting the handicapped (such as leader dogs for the blind), or in special circumstances with the specific permission of the Director or his/her designee. (One warning then out for the day.)
  7.  Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, roller skates and similar devices may not be used in the building, library driveway and parking lot.
  8.  Selling merchandise on Library property without prior permission from the Library Director is prohibited.
  9.  Distributing or posting printed materials on Library property is prohibited without permission from the Director. Items intended for the public bulletin board must be brought to the circulation desk.
  10.  Phone calls are prohibited in the Library, except in the foyer.

IV. Sanctions
Persons who violate the Library’s conduct code may be asked to leave the premises for the day. A second offense may bar them from the Library for a month; a third offense for a year.
Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, any person may, without prior notice or warning, be immediately removed from the Columbia Township Library if his/her presence or conduct on the premises poses an immediate and imminent danger to any person or property on such premises.

V. Right of Appeal
Users may appeal a decision in writing to the Library Director within 10 business days of the date of the incident stating why library privileges should be restored. The Library Director or a designee will respond to the appeal in writing within 10 business days of the date the appeal was received. Any person may appeal the Library Director's decision by sending an appeal in writing to the President of the Library Board (Columbia Township Supervisor) within 10 business days. The decision of the Library Board is final.