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2021 Summer Reading Program

  • Registration for the Summer Reading Program begins Monday, June 21st. Stop in, call 989-674-2651, or email us at to register.  After registering, each child will receive a welcome bag (also available for curbside pickup)


  • Set a daily reading goal for yourself & write it on your reading log. Sample goals include:
    • Reading for 30 minutes
    • Reading 2 chapters
    • Listening to someone read 3 picture books


  • Between June 21st and July 29th, put a sticker on your reading log for every day you meet your reading goal. Your welcome bag also contains a bingo card of extra challenges – put a sticker on each challenge you complete until you get a Bingo!


  • When you get 15 stickers on your log and complete a challenge Bingo, stop in or call the library at 989-674-2651. You can pick up a prize bag or we can leave it in the curbside pickup bin for you.  Turn in your reading log and challenge Bingo sheet (make sure your name and phone number are on it!), and we will use it as your entry into the grand prize drawing.


  • The grand prize drawing will be held on July 31st – you do not need to be present to win.